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Having treatments at Nicky Arpesella Physiotherapists has been one of the best investments in physical health and recovery. This practice has well-trained and experienced staff in various physiotherapy treatments.

My approach to my own health in recent years has been to identify the cause of a medical condition and seek alternative or additional relief via physiotherapy practices, as a preference to or in conjunction with conventional treatments of medication. My experience has been that the physiotherapy treatments received at this practice have often provided instant relief or at worst exponentially alleviated symptoms.

I started seeing Kim Nicholson about 2-3 years ago when she was new to the practice and have been so impressed by her insight, training and knowledge. Kim has always been willing to explain the mechanics of the human body and how physiotherapy treatments address the problem at hand, so that one can come to grips with one’s condition and treatment options.

Kim has also spurred an interest and displayed an understanding of the relationship between mind-body and body-mind and the importance of reconciling the two for complete healing. She is gentle but firm and the techniques she uses have alleviated symptoms of physical stress and tension considerably.

Having been treated by Kim regularly for various medical concerns ranging from bruising, foot injury and muscular spasm, I find her to be particularly good at the TMJ treatment and dry needling relating to the shoulders, neck, back and jaw.

Her patience, care and attention has been outstanding over recent years. Her ability to inspire people in their journey to physical health is also noted in her interest in Back Classes, which provide techniques in body posture, with exercises to tone muscles and improve general health.

Kim is polite, friendly and compassionate with a lovely disposition and is an excellent choice for physiotherapy treatments.

Robyn Spolander


As an active individual and former sportsman I have always been passionate about my fitness and exercise, but with this active lifestyle comes bumps and bruises.

Gino from Nicky Arpesella Physiotherapists has always provided quality service.

He has an excellent bed side manner and is very knowledgeable regarding patient rehabilitation and general well being.

With Gino by your side the road to recovery is always that much more manageable, he is a true asset to the practice!

Shriyan Peters


I have been seeing Moira for close to two years now.

With my scoliosis and physical disability, having maintenance physiotherapy has been extremely helpful in keeping my body more supple and managing pain.

I can highly recommend Moira – she has magic hands!



I have been a patient at Nicky Arpesella Physiotherapists for the past 12 years.

I have always found the practice to be extremely professionally, the staff are very friendly and accommodating and the service is of a high standard.

I used to suffer from severe headaches until I discovered physiotherapy and specifically my therapist, Chanene who has worked with me since the beginning.

My profession is very physical and I go to physio regularly and this has enabled me to keep working….thanks to Chanene.

I highly recommend Nicky Arpesella Physiotherapy.

Wendi Mymin


Our daughter Amber has been coming for physio sessions with Moira at Nicky Arpesella Physiotherapy since she was 4months old.

Amber was diagnosed with delayed neurological development, sleep apnea, scoliosis and high muscle tone. We came for her first session the same week we found out, as we were told early intervention is so important.

Moira has been incredible. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience with children that have neurological challenges. She is very passionate about her work, patient, kind and tries to make the sessions fun which are all important qualities when working with babies.

She has helped Amber reach her milestones! Amber is almost 16 months and is close to walking, it has been hard work but she wouldn’t be where she is without Moira.

She has helped me to know how to help my daughter, as she gives us exercises and stretches to carry on at home that are easily implemented with our everyday lifestyle.

Moira is always willing to go the extra mile for her patients, she has a beautiful heart and I would definitely recommend her.

Philippa van Tonder


I joined Nicky’s back class almost 2 years ago. I had been very ill in hospital and joined her class with a really weak body, unable to balance and tiring very quickly.

I am now strong and fit and owe my new lease on life to her determination to challenge me every week until my health and strength returned.

You are watched through every exercise so that you don’t hurt yourself and she never forces you to do what is beyond your strength.

I would advise anyone who has body/muscle problems to join. Thank you Nicky for your dedication and patience.

Bev Jenkins


Kim conducts weekly back classes which have been amazing for my back health.

She adapts the classes to individual strengths and all the while ensuring variety of moves to target different muscle groups. My core is now stronger than it has been in years.

I would highly recommend Kim’s back class!

Siann Graham

Good day I am writing this email to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for all that Gino has done for me and my continuous recovery.

He had been empathetic and insightful in managing my complex condition. He is passionate about his work and patients well being. He has not only decreased my pain, hes assisted me in being able to reintegrate into my normal activity level.

At the end off each session I have found that I’ve achieved a goal whether it be small or big, physical or mental. This has made his treatment very holistic.



I’m happy to report that I have had two successful knee replacement ops done by Dr. van den Aardweg, the first in 2012 and the second in 2014.

On Both occasions Chanene Pitt was the physio that attended to me and I do believe that it is due to the excellent treatment I            received from her that I’m able to walk properly without so much as a limp.

When I believed I couldn’t do the movements or exercises she asked me to do, she managed to convince me otherwise – although it sometimes took a bit of sweat & cajoling, she was the one who got me to the next level with hard work, patience, kindness & compassion.

Since then I have had quite a few sessions of treatment with her as I often have back, neck & shoulder problems and she seems to know just where to touch or “torture” to relieve the pain and tight muscles.

I’m really grateful to her and think she is an excellent physio-therapist.

Lorna Munn


Anneli has been my Physio for nearly 20 years. She has helped with many health issues over this time.

I have a chronic back problem ,but with her expertise we have managed to keep it under control. I had    a shoulder op last year and within weeks had full use of my arm and very little pain post op, thanks to her.

She is thorough, diligent, kind and always professional. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her and she always goes the extra mile. She is an absolute asset to the practice of Nicky Arpesella.

Jenny Prince


Anneli is very professional, makes one feel at ease immediately. Gives excellent advice especially regarding additional exercises to be done at home.

She has an ease charming manner and ahs been helping us with our aches and pains for a number of years from post shoulder op to back pain and foot problems.

We hope she continues to  practice for many years to come.

Always ask for Anneli, you’ll be in the best hands.



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